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Some Tips & Tricks for 3D printing

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This blog covers some basic tips and tricks for getting good prints.

A) File repairing in Netfabb

Sometimes when you slice a file, you get unexpected results like model is not manifold, feature missing etc. The easiest way to repair this problem is to use Netfabb. Netfabb offers a powerful & useful tool for repairing STL files. Netfabb Basic is free to use.

netfabb stl file repairing for 3d printing


After opening the file in Netfabb, press the ‘+’ Repair icon on top menu. Then click Automatic Repair and select Default Repair and click Execute. The software will repair your file.

B) Problem of warping

This is a very common problem which most people face. If you notice that your print is warping then following tips might help you.

  1. Make sure that the fan and other sources of air are switched off.
  2. Check whether the heat bed is hot enough or not. Increase the temperature of heat bed by few degrees and check if warping still happens.
  3. If you are printing directly on a heat bed or glass, then using a kapton tape or blue painter’s tape might help.
  4. Sometimes, adding a brim or raft also helps.
  5. If you are printing with ABS, you can use some ABS slurry on the glass plate. ABS slurry helps in better adhesion of the print.

C) ABS Slurry

ABS slurry is a mixture of ABS and acetone and helps in preventing warping issues.

  1. Put some ABS material in a glass jar or a small container.
  2. Add some acetone to it.
  3. As you add acetone, ABS will start dissolving.
  4. Wait for some time and stir the mixture.
  5. As there is no standard ratio of ABS to Acetone, you need to experiment what works best for you.