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How 3D Printing speeds up product design process?

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3d printing is being widely used in industries for new product development. Many industries like automotive, aerospace, manufacturing prefer 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) than other manufacturing process when it comes to test new designs. If you are a manufacturer/developer/inventor, here are some of the reasons why you should try 3D printing.

Shortens product development cycle – With 3D printing, you can make your own prototypes within hours which gives you the ability to finalize your designs and launch your products fast in the market.

Low volume production – Although 3D printing is not considered for mass production but you can use 3D printing for low volume production to check the demand of your products in the market. Once you are convinced with the demand, you can go for mass production methods.

Mass customization – As stated above that 3D printing is not for mass production but 3D printing is the best manufacturing process for mass customization. The ability of 3D printing to customize makes it very useful for medical device industries. You can also make complex geometries with short lead times and lower expenses than other manufacturing methods.

Multiple materials – Now a days, there are many different materials which you can choose to use for 3D printing. Materials like PLA and ABS are commonly used for prototyping purposes. You can also go for metal 3D printing to make your final products like tools and fixtures.