3D Modeling

3D Designing and 3D Scanning


3d designing

The first step towards 3D printing is to have a 3D CAD model of the required object. Botshape Technologies provides you an opportunity to develop your products from sketch/idea.

Our Technical team has all the requisite software and equipments necessary to make a CAD model, either from a sketch or from physical object (through 3D scanning). We make sure that the developed CAD model is free from errors and feasible for 3D printing/rapid prototyping.

With our 3D modeling and 3D printing services, you can get your product in a short space of time.

3d scanning

3D Scanning is a process of constructing digital 3D model by capturing data from the real world environment, which is then used for 3D printing.

Our team can 3D scan your actual products that you want to modify or replicate. Once the scanning is done, required modifications and file cleaning is done to make the file suitable for 3D printing or other manufacturing methods.