3D Printed Prosthetics for earthquake hit victims of Nepal

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3D Printed Prosthetics for earthquake hit victims of Nepal

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With the sun rising bright, the chirping of birds and hustle and bustle among the people to gear up for their daily routine, that day started as normally as possible in the lives of people in Nepal. Unfortunately, this usualness of the day was soon lost when Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake on 25 April 2015.

A large number of people were rendered disabled as a consequence of the earthquake. It has been more than a year but such victims couldn’t get any cure for their suffering.

Recently, Botshape Technologies with the help of Society Welfare Council National Disabled Fund, Nepal served two women whose hands were injured due to the earthquake.

3d printed prosthesis


In order to give them a normal life, the team of engineers, physicians and designers of Botshape Technologies worked with the doctors from Nepal to develop flexible and durable 3D printed prosthetics for these two women.

3D Printed Prosthetics came as a blessing in the life of Deepa G.C. from Gulmi District of Nepal and Shanta Khanal from Pyuthan District, Nepal.

Deepa G.C. was going through the difficulties in day to day work due to her handicapped hand. Throughout she was dependent on her family for helping her in household work. It has been a painful time for her and her family; this is when she had thought of reaching out to the doctors at Society Welfare Council National Disabled Fund. Initial steps to get the prosthetics were bit tedious for her since she had to visit the doctor multiple times for dimensions and sizing. Fixing up the prosthetic was hardly one day task for the doctors since everything was pre-assembled. This was the moment of ecstasy for Deepa to have both her hands back and becoming an independent person as she was before the earthquake had hit.

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 Deepa’s left-hand fingers injured           3D Printed Prosthetic prepared
after the earthquake.                               for Deepa

For Shanta Khanal, being able to live a normal livelihood is a new goal figuring predominantly into the picture as she passes every day and wants to be doing many of the activities herself.


Shanta Khanal lost her fingers during the earthquake when heavy furniture fell on her fingers damaging the nerves of her left hand. Her family looked forward to the day for her to have all sorts of functionality once her fingers are outfitted with the prosthetic over her hand and wrist. Her family had never thought of getting the prosthetics due to high development cost of these prosthetics but little did they know about the 3D Printing technology. It was only when the doctors recommended them an affordable solution for Shanta in the form of 3D Printed Prosthetics that they were able to revive the functionality of her hands.

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Keeping in view the applications of the prosthetic, they chose PLA material for developing it. The prosthetics were custom made, based on the given dimensions of the existing fingers and hand of Deepa and Shanta Khanal.

The prosthetic was made of several movable parts to provide the flexibility and easy movement of the fingers. The fingers and the wrist are made movable using strings. These prosthetics are fixed using a velcro, for easy removal and cleaning from time to time.With 3D printing, we were able to achieve the accurate dimensions and strength.

In such a way, Botshape Technologies reached out to people in Districts of Nepal where the concept of 3D Printing was completely unheard of.

The team of Botshape Technologies envisions improving the quality of life of every human with 3D printing technology. They have worked on various other projects like industrial prototyping, fashion accessories, architectural designing and much more, that have optimised the execution time of the processes followed by our customers. To know more about Botshape Technologies, visit www.botshape.com or contact at +91 9990750259 or drop a mail to [email protected].

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This is the future. Such low cost prosthetics can be so helpful.

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