3D Printers: Kit vs. Pre Assembled

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3D Printers: Kit vs. Pre Assembled

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If you are thinking of buying a 3D printer but confused whether to go for a Kit or a Pre-Assembled one, then this blog may help you decide. Both have their pros and cons and it is totally up to you which one to buy.

The biggest advantage with Pre-Assembled Printers is that you can start printing from Day 1. You may need to level the heat bed as sometimes the leveling of the heat bed gets changed during transportation and handling. But with time, you may face some other problems also with your printer like slacking of belts, nozzle jamming, and calibration. So you would have to call the supplier/manufacturer everytime an issue comes up.

Similarly, a Kit also has some advantages and limitations. The most common kit available in the market is Prusa i3 DIY Kit which is designed by Josef Prusa. The advantages of a Kit are:

  • Cheaper – Generally, Kits are cheaper than most pre assembled printers.
  • You understand the different parts of a 3D printer which will help you to identify and rectify some common problems. You will be able to calibrate the printer and level the bed easily in future.
  • You will learn various aspects of mechanical and electronics assembly along the way.

The main limitation of a Kit is that it requires a lot of patience. Getting a printer running in your first try is not going to happen. You would have to tweak many things during assembly.

So, if you are among those who like to brainstorm and build their own things, then you should definitely go for a DIY Kit.

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