3D Printing in Delhi

3D printing in India is promising to change the way people manufacture goods and do business. The technology has been around for almost three decades, but is finding mainstream support in the last two-three years. Delhi is one of the main hubs for 3D printing services in India.

At Botshape Technologies, we carry out 3d Printing by the process of additive manufacturing. We have the largest network of providing 3D Printing Services in Delhi and we make sure you get the shortest lead time for our following 3D services:

  • Rapid Prototype LidPrinting
  • Designing/Modeling
  • Scanning

Our Delhi office is equipped with FDM 3D Printers for printing large size 3D Prints for prototyping. We can 3D Print in dual color with materials PLA, ABS, Flexible and our advanced raw material ensure 10 times more strength than the normal PLA and ABS.

Pre-Sales Services: We help you make the right decisions.

  • Explaining different types of 3D Printing technologies and 3D printing materials
  • Understanding the requirement to suggest suitable 3D Printing method
  • To order your 3D Print, upload your file in .stl format

Post Sales: We care to serve you 

  • We make sure you that your are satisfied with the 3D Print
  • We always improvise with customer feedback.

Technical Support: We understand every design glitch

  • Our team can help you redesign or scale the model


For any query, please drop a mail at [email protected] or call us at +91-9990750259.