3D Printing in India

Applications of 3D Printing

Rapid Prototyping

The main application of 3D printing in India is Prototyping.3D printed in India | rapid prototyping Additive Manufacturing speeds up the initial stages of product development by producing prototypes quickly and efficiently at an optimum cost, thus saving time and money. Traditional prototyping techniques are costly and slow because of the use of different tools depending on the type of prototype. Developing a prototype is a necessity of many industries like automotive, aerospace etc.

Educational Purposes

In India 3D printing is becoming very popular in the field of research and education. It provides 3 dimensional visual aids which help students to understand a concept much better as compared to 2 dimensional figures printed in books. Students can enhance their learning capabilities by doing practical work with 3D printing, especially in engineering and architecture, media studies.

Architects3D printed in India | interior_designing

With 3D printing, architects in India can easily make architectural models of their designs meeting the requirements of the customers. These models are cost effective and easily depicts the layout spacing.

 Doctors and Dentists

3D printing is also very useful in medical field. Doctors and dentists can scan a body part of a patient and develop it into physical object for further investigations or for prosthetic.


Art / Sculpture

Creative hobbyists and enthusiastic individual use 3D printing in India. They develop their designs into real models. It will widely used for making complex art pieces in small quantities.

Fashion3D printed in India | necklace

3D Printed jewelry and fashion accessories are widely used due to easy personalization options. Companies can make customized products for their customers at much affordable prices.