Botshape hosts MBA students in Delhi to share 3D printing industry insights

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Botshape hosts MBA students in Delhi to share 3D printing industry insights

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On March 01, 2017, Botshape hosted an international student delegation from Emory University, Atlanta Georgia, USA at their Delhi’s Learning Center. The delegation of 19 students was led by Mr. Theodore Rodgers and Ms. Heather Lynn Holland. The session was primarily focused on delivering the insights into the growing 3D Printing Industry in India and operations of Botshape Technologies.

Presented on the following topics:

  • overview of 3D printing technology in India
  • 3D printing industry scenario, both in India and worldwide
  • its own operations
  • challenges, opportunities, and social impact of 3D printing technology
  • latest trends and technologies

Delegation Emory University

The co-founders Vaibhav Jain and Pankul Jain presented the student delegation team with lot of insightful information regarding 3D printing technology and the 3D printing industry. The presentations were followed by a healthy discussion among the co-founders and the students. The students raised insightful and interesting questions related to the 3D printing industry, its scope and its applications. After the seminar the students were excited to see live 3D printing in 3D printers of the 3D printing lab at Botshape technologies. They were impressed on seeing 3D Printed objects catering to diverse industries like Manufacturing, Medical, Education, Architecture and many more on display.

Emory University at Botshape Office

The visit by the MBA students delegation was also covered by a leading international 3D printing blog ‘’.

Each student delegate also received a special gift – a 3D printed miniature model of the Taj Mahal. They also got to leave their thoughts on the presentation on a special Feedback Wall at Botshape Technologies, and all of the comments look to be pretty positive.

Botshape Technologies was more than happy to host the group and encourages such initiatives for global learning.

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